Infographic of Debian


I made my first infographic on Debian, which sought to put all the information (possible) I have in my lecture on this great project. What motivated me to make this stuff was the difficulty that the general public has to understand Debian, its areas, their numbers or their general operation.

For translators: if you want to translate this infographic for your language, download this translation file, translate it and send me to do the draw.

Version 2.1 english

* version 2.1
   - Added Jessie as testing and Wheezy as stable;
   - Added "The Debian way for illumination" - how help Debian;
   - Added Siduction distro as derivates;
   - Added Neuro Debian distro as derivate/pure blend - Thanks to
     Yaroslav O. Halchenko;
   - Added DebConf13;
   - Added DebConf14;
   - Changed the icon for Debian Live - Thanks to Daniel Baumann;
   - Changed the home of infographic -;
   - Refatored all equal icons from copy to clone (reduced the
     size of svg file);
   - Update of software's table (2014-03-20);
   - Update of Package and developers table (2014-03);
   - Update of Distribution Popularaty table (2014-03);
   - Update of World map with developers position (2014-03;
   - Update of lot of texts - Thanks to Yaroslav O. Halchenko;


* version 2.0
   - Changed the license to CC by-nc-sa;


* version 1.1
   - Added the page URL of Infographic;
   - Added a QR Code with my data;
   - Changed all pictures of Toy Story by cliparts;
   - Changed the (OOo) by Apache OpenOffice (AOO);
   - Changed the license from CC by-nc-sa, because isn't possible
     to change a CC license and to continue using the name 
     "Creative Commons", to a similar CC license, or in other words,
     exactly the same text of CC by-nc-sa with a exception clause - 
     Thanks to Felipe van De Wiel by his warning;
   - Update of software's table (2012-07-10) - Thanks to Ryuunosuk 

Version 1.0 english

* version 1.0
   - Added the DFSG;
   - Adjust of ToyStory images in packages/developers chart.
   - Small adjusts in some english strings - Thanks to Vitor Nitu;
   - Change of Debian Pure Blend text - Thanks to Yuri Nefedov;
   - Modification of Debian-Live - logo and position;
   - Small adjusts in some spanish strings - thanks some visitors;
   - Thanks to Vitor Nitu by his translation to Romanian;
   - Thanks to Török Árpád by his translation to Hungarian;
   - Thanks to Ryuunosuk Ayanokouzi by his translation to Japanese;
   - Update of software's table (2012-04-20);

Version 0.9 portuguese

* versão 0.9
   - Added date creation of Debian;
   - Added origin of name's Debian;
   - Added version table (2012-01-18);
   - Added QA team;
   - Added services of CVS, SVN, GIT, DARCS;
   - Added map with data from Linux Counter and DistroWatch;
   - Added Debian birthday of 10 and 18 years.
   - Added DebConfs, Debian Live, Debian Women, Pure Blend,
     Derivateds and Mentors;
   - Change of logo for a swirl;
   - Change of license from CC by-nc-nd for CC by-nc-sa with 
     exception clause (not use of references, logos or any thing 
     related with TDF and LibreOffice).
   - Thanks to Felipe van De Wiel by corretives comments.

Version 0.8 english

* version 0.8
   - Added early versions before the codenames;
   - Added experimental and areas;
   - Added "indicated for developers" - thanks to Felipe van De Wiel;
   - Added Security team;
   - Added the Alioth;
   - Adjust in Testing area creation - thanks to Felipe van De Wiel;
   - Adjusts in release process texts - thanks to Felipe van De Wiel;
   - Change of cross by less signal for all archictetures -
     thanks to David Prévot;
   - Change of date format to ISO;
   - Change of Google Chrome logo by Chromium;
   - Explained the chart's composition with developers and packages;
   - Change of kernel's representation for a ring around each 
   - Revision to spanish - thanks to Hector Colina;
   - Thanks to Pierre-Yves Dubreucq by his translation to French;
   - Thanks to Nicola Tessari by his translation to Italian;
   - Thanks to Yuri Nefedov by his translation to Russian;
   - Thanks to Robert Pommrich by his translation to German;


Version 0.7 spanish
* version 0.7
   - Evaluation tests and sugestions of Year 2012 and Chrome -
     thanks to Marco Scheiner;
   - Revision to spanish - thanks to Alberto Giménez and
     Roberto Brenlla;
   - Revision to english - obrigado a Felipe van De Wiel and
     Marcelo Santana;
   - Revision to portuguese - thanks to Fernando Ike,
     Leonardo Cezar and Marcelo Santana;

first version 0.6 english